The Price


Includes: $250 print credit, style consultation, expert posing, image reveal of 30+ professionally edited portraits and custom wall art design. Most sessions take around 60minutes (+/-) to achieve our goals.

For equine sessions add $150 for each additional horse that is photographed during an individual persons session.

As easy as...


Phone consult

Ready for gorgeous portraits on your walls? Let's schedule a phone consultation. During this quick chat, we'll discuss your vision and goals for your photoshoot, and I'll guide you through all the information you need to secure your session.


Relish the moment

Relax, have a blast, and witness as I turn your treasured moments into breathtaking works of art during our photoshoot. I'll take care of every tiny detail to ensure you look absolutely stunning, leaving you with nothing to worry about except enjoying the magic of our session.


Image reveal

After the editing process, which typically takes about 2 weeks, I'll get in touch with you via email to schedule our image reveal session. This exciting session will take place on Zoom, where we'll go through your portraits together. 

But here's the special part: I'll use a picture of a room in your own home to show you exactly how your portraits will look on your wall. It's a fantastic way to visualize how these beautiful memories will seamlessly blend into your living space, ensuring that your chosen portraits enhance the ambiance of your home perfectly.

Start with your final vision

You might be considering portraits, but have you thought about where and how to display them in your home? At Beyond the Stables Photography, we always start with a vision for your photos' final destination before we even pick up our camera.

Do you have a large wall above your couch that's just waiting for the perfect masterpiece? Let's create a stunning image that will be the focal point of your living room. Alternatively, if you're thinking of curating a gallery of portraits, blending both older and new ones, we can bring that vision to life.

In case you're planning to relocate soon or if your space doesn't have much available wall area, don't fret. Preserving the beauty of your family through a carefully crafted, custom-designed album is an excellent way to capture their essence.

Your unique preferences and needs will guide your personalized Design Consultation, ensuring that your portraits become a cherished part of your home decor.


How many pictures will we receive?

I will show all edited images during your image reveal. Most clients love all of their images and purchase several prints & an album. I include digital downloads with every print you purchase as well. How many portraits you end up purchasing is entirely up to you.

How should we dress?

We will go over what will work best for your needs during your design consult. I help plan all the details to make sure your portraits look amazing on your walls. But, typically solid colors photograph better than patterns. If you are doing a group photo chose colors that compliment each other, not necessarily the same. Start with one persons outfit (Like mom) and pick everyone else's to compliment that one. When in doubt, check out pintrest for great ideas.

Where do photoshoots take place?

I work within the greater Seattle area. Either on site at a location of your choosing or my suggestion, or indoors at my studio located in Fall City, just outside of Sammamish WA.

I offer Museum Quality Handmade Canvas's